InStyle magazine HQ scans
CommentPosted by Susan on 19-08-2014

Check out HQ scans of InStyle magazine featuring Erykah. 


Erykah featured in September issue of InStyle magazine
CommentPosted by Susan on 12-08-2014

Oooooh.. Honored to be featured in Sept. Issue of 
IN STYLE mag. 
Don't care to much about Fashion... 
but if you got your own Style come fck wit me..

'Mama's Gun' Gets Reissued on 180-Gram Vinyl
CommentPosted by Susan on 11-08-2014 If you’ve misplaced your copy of Erykah Badu‘s ‘Mama’s Gun,’ don’t worry because you can get a new copy of her critically acclaimed album in a fancy vinyl treatment.
Tackling issues such as self-esteem, relationship dynamics and social issues like police brutality, the album, which includes ‘Bag Lady,’ seems as relevant today as it was when Badu released it on Nov. 21, 2000. So it only makes sense that over a deacade later, the album would be honored with a 180-gram vinyl reissue.
Originally released on July 21, the sepecial edition LP includes the original cover art formatted into a gatefold sleeve that’s complete with the liner notes insert and two 180-gram vinyl LPs. The first 1000 copies have been numbered and will include one red and one gold vinyl.
Head over to to find out where you can grab your copy of this special edition reissue.

(((Josua Tree Meditation)))
CommentPosted by Susan on 26-07-2014

(((Josua Tree Meditation)))
iPhone Photography 
by E. Badu 
In the Mojave Desert in my lil House. 
There are no mirrors here. 
I can create high freaq 
music in solitude. 
Listen. . .
((((All Expanding )))
Will Keep it natural. 
Will Keep it honest. 
Will Keep it fearless. 
Lots of SAGE and Sweet Grass to burn. . .
Lots about myself to learn. 
I shot my 
In 1999 for MAMAS GUN. 

Are you relaxed?
CommentPosted by Susan on 17-07-2014

Erykah at WinStar World Casino (concert review)
CommentPosted by Susan on 15-07-2014 From Oak Cliff to just over the Oklahoma border to WinStar World Casino it's just about 80 miles, roughly 90 minutes if you get lucky and there's no traffic. From Dallas proper it's an hour and from Denton it's just a shade over a half hour. This explains why more then 3,100 people made it to the casino's event center to watch Dallas born and internet and critical darling Erykah Badu perform last Saturday night.
It's been 17 years since Badu set the music world on fire with Baduizm, 14 since she was the only thing worth a damn in Blues Brothers 2000, 10 since she was in Dave Chappelle's Block Party, and just 16 days since she hijacked a new broadcast in New York and went viral. In short she's had a hell of a career, the type of career that raises you to legend status, the type of status that leads you to being able to take over a 3,500 capacity venue at a casino and have no issue almost selling it out. Read more.

Erykah's Essence Festival selfie gallery
CommentPosted by Susan on 08-07-2014

for an amazing weekend. 
Fun @ Essence FESSss
(which I haven't been to in a while.) Beeeautiful turn out.
... So Here's a photo recap of my dj after set... 
e.Badu's Great NOLA 
" YA HERD? "
>Selfie gallery<
::July 6-7 2014 AD::
1) To hotel after essence show
2) Rollin to my dj set w/ 
Koko (Nayrok ) and RC 
3) in these NOLA streets 
4) Mannie fr Fresh
5) Raheem DeVaughn 
6) Elle varner
7) Robert Glasper 
8) Dave Chapelle 
9) go Dj? 
10) after they payed me 
11) hotel lobby 
12) good night 
13 ) good mornin ( haha) 
14 ) and good bye ...
Peace :)

Essence Music Festival 2014
CommentPosted by Susan on 07-07-2014 The crowd at the ESSENCE Festival got a huge surprise on Sunday when Dave Chappelle took the main stage to introduce Erykah Badu's performance at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on the last night of the festival's 20th year.
Fresh off a week of sold-out comeback shows at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Chappelle came out to raucaus applause from the 45,000-plus audience.
"Last week, I did what they called my big comeback show. Sixty-thousand tickets in New York City. It was a remarkable achievement, but it was achieved with the help of my friends. So tonight I'm here to honor one of my dearest friends in all of show business."
After posing for photographers in the pit, the comedian praised Badu's work ethic and talent as he recalled going on tour with her for two weeks. "Every night was exceptional," he said.
"I don't use the word love loosely, but I truly do love this woman. I love her work. I love her spirit, and I'm here tonight just to share that love with you."
Erykah and Dave Chappelle

CommentPosted by Susan on 03-07-2014

Super High Top originally Cut
CommentPosted by Susan on 03-07-2014

Erykah Badu Reunites With Dave Chappelle at Radio City Music Hall: Concert Review
CommentPosted by Susan on 30-06-2014

photo by DJ Trauma

The comedian's Radio City run was so popular it had to be extended twice.

NEW YORK — How many nights could Dave Chappelle have sold out Radio City Music Hall? In his first big-theater New York gig since his much-analyzed exit from The Chappelle Show in 2005, tickets for the first five nights went so quickly he added four more, this time with a different musical star sharing each bill; a tenth solo evening was tacked on much later, and it, too, quickly hit capacity.
Those who worried the addition of top-shelf musical acts would shortchange the comedy, with Chappelle acting less like the star than an emcee, needn't have: Fans got almost an hour of material before intermission, whereupon tonight's guest Erykah Badu played a more-than-full set.
Check out the set list (by Om'Mas'Keith)

Erykah Badu Hilariously 'Attack' Reporter
CommentPosted by Susan on 30-06-2014 We all know Erykah Badu is a playful soul, but a reporter got a little more than he bargained for during a recent broadcast about another celebrity behaving badly.

In the middle of his report on actor Shia Labeouf, Pix 11’s Mario Diaz had to fend off an overzealous heckler—Erykah Badu. While reporters are often interrupted by pranksters and those looking to get on TV, I’m not sure a celebrity has ever gotten in on the joke.
In a Vine clip titled “Crazy woman attacks reporter” posted by a user named Ivory Coast, Badu is seen smiling, making hand gestures, and walking through the shot behind Diaz. If that wasn’t comical enough, the singer then tries to kiss Diaz while he’s on-air. The reporter brushes her off, but not before hilarious encounter is caught on tape.

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