Fan Art & Badu on the wall
CommentPosted by Susan on 30-01-2015

Check out this amazing fan art by Badu fans.




Erykah on the wall. Have more? Share!


Interview for 2RED chairs TV
CommentPosted by Susan on 29-01-2015

Erykah talking about being a midwife, her charity B.L.I.N.D. and children.



Sundance Film Festival 2015 *UPDATE*
CommentPosted by Susan on 27-01-2015 The Sundance Institute pulled off the near-impossible at its annual Celebration of Music in Film concert Jan. 25 at the Park City venue the Shop. The artists assembled -- Common, Erykah Badu, Aloe Blacc and more -- evoked the soul and power of the iconoclastic Nina Simone, working her songbook with a reverence for her originality and spirit with little stylistic restraint. Read more

Erykah Badu Performing at Sundance's Celebration of Music in Film Concert

CommentPosted by Susan on 27-01-2015

Exhibit Be in New Orleans *UPDATE*
CommentPosted by Susan on 20-01-2015

ALGIERS, La. (WGNO)– On the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, thousands took advantage of their last chance to experience ‘Exhibit Be.’ The old apartment complex in Algiers went from blight to beauty after some local artists turned it into a masterpiece with a message. WGNO reporter Deepak Saini was at the grand closing celebration for the temporary exhibit. Read more. 

Erykah at ‘Exhibit Be' farewell party in New Orleans on January 19, 2015.



Twitter photos update
CommentPosted by Susan on 15-01-2015


Fan Art
CommentPosted by Susan on 14-01-2015

Check out beautiful fan art by Zeta and jtthe150


Remember not to hesitate and share your art with other Badu fans!

Welcome in 2015
CommentPosted by Susan on 02-01-2015

Review: Erykah Badu brings neo-soul magic to the Fox
CommentPosted by Susan on 28-12-2014

DETROIT -- Erykah Badu moseyed onto the stage Saturday, Dec.27, at the Fox Theatre in the renowned style that’s her trademark. Though the brightly colored head scarf of her “Baduism” era is long gone, she still maintained her African-inspired fashion sense and effortless, earthy performing demeanor.
Wearing a patterned dashiki paired with a gold chain carrying a large medallion, Badu’s larger-than-life curly Afro swayed from side to side as she sang the jazzy “My Eye’s Are Green.” Her matte red lipstick was perfect, and Badu made a variety of theatrical movements that connected to the song while singing. The mood felt as if you were sitting at a Broadway musical that told the story of a late, great jazz legend.
Badu’s eclectic musical style was on full display during her rendition of “Love of My Life,” which incorporated elements of Slick Rick’s “La Di Da Di” and Sugar Hill’s “Rappers Delight.” It created a hip-hop inspired neo-soul mesh that fans adored. Badu accredited her fusion of the two genres to the passion she felt when she first heard them; “At that time I didn’t even know what that s*** was…I just knew it was live.” Her comedic side, meanwhile, got an airing as Badu repeatedly said “Goodnight Detroit” during her 72-minute set, walking toward the end of the stage as if she was leaving and then laughing and singing again. Read more.

Erykah Badu to appear in Adult Swim's 'Black Dynamite' Musical
CommentPosted by Susan on 20-12-2014 Tyler, The Creator, Erykah Badu, J.B. Smoove, among others will appear in a new musical dubbed The Wizard of Watts from Adult Swim series Black Dynamite. The hour-long film is a spin-off of the 2009 movie of the same name. The film follows Black Dynamite and his goons through the 1970s as they try to keep ninjas—Bill Cosby, Richard Nixon and a young Michael Jackson—from terrorizing the city. When Black Dynamite tries to take a day off from policing the city, mayhem ensues/

“As a comedy writer, I feel it’s my job to make people laugh while using constructive social criticism to evoke thought and inspire dialogue,” said Carl Jones, who directed and co-wrote Black Dynamite and is co-executive producer of The Boondocks.
Black Dynamite will appear on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on Jan.10th at 10:30pm ET/PT.

Beauty Bar, Dallas
CommentPosted by Susan on 19-12-2014

Erykah at the Beauty Bar in Dallas last night (18 Dec).


Badu Love Chappelle
CommentPosted by Susan on 13-12-2014

Erykah Badu's Hosting a Free Party In Dave Chappelle's Honor On Monday Night.
By Pete on Friday, December 12, 2014 at 4:54 PM
It's no secret that Dave Chappelle and Erykah Badu are pals: The Dallas-born singer not only performed on Chappelle's Show, but she flew up to New York earlier this year too to perform as part of the comedian's 10-night run at Radio City Music Hall.
So, just last week, when Chappelle announced that he'd be coming to Dallas for a quick run of House of Blues sets on Monday and Tuesday of next week, you just knew that Badu took note of it.
And boy did she: Today, we're able to announce that we and our friends at Red Bull are helping Badu host a free-to-attend after-party in Chappelle's honor on Monday, right upon the completion of his second set of the night. Called "Badu Love Chappelle: The Official Dave Chappelle After Jam Hosted by DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu," the party will kick off in the House of Blues' Foundation Room at 11 p.m.
Chappelle will be there. Badu's in charge of the vibes. Capacity is very limited -- entrance will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. You've got to be 21 or older to get in.
And, well, that's all the information you need. Let your imagination run wild with the rest. Just know this: It might get pretty nuts, y'all.
We'll see you there.
Cover photo courtesy of Erykah Badu.

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