Sydney (more photos)
CommentPosted by Susan on 19-04-2014

More beautiful photos from Erykah's performance in Sydney on April 17. Credit goes to: Jonathan Armstrong.


Window Seat & Orange Moon Live in Melbourne (Videos)
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Check out two videos of Erykah performing 'Window Seat' and 'Orange Moon' live in Melbourne on April 15, 2014. 

Sydney concert: Photos & Review
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Sydney Mornign Herald: An artist of Erykah Badu’s calibre typically needs no introduction. Tonight however, she treats herself, slinking onto stage 10 minutes after her house band has warmed the room to optimal cooking temperature. This sort of late entry speaks volumes of Badu as a performer: she’s comfortable taking her time because this comes naturally to her. Across a two-hour blockbuster set, she never shows even the slightest hint of strain, which is all the more impressive when you consider the kind of melodies gushing from her compact frame.

Badu hasn’t released a record in four years, which seems to suit her just fine. She guides her band, with as many backing singers as players, through a spiralling cross-section of her back catalogue that includes straight-ahead groovers from her debut and some of the more experimental material that came after it. No song receives regular treatment, with Badu tearing up her own rule book and mapping out new sonic territory as she sees fit. Instruments fall away, harmonies change and beats appear repackaged five minutes down the line. Tunes can go for up to a quarter of an hour, easy. It’s dizzying, but never boring. Read more.
Check out some of the photos taken by fans. If you have any other, please share :). 

Melbourne Concert: SMH review
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Sydney Morning Herald: Hey Pharrell, call that a hat? Erykah Badu's wide-brimmed throw down capped an imposing entry for the neo-soul queen of Texas. From that giddy dome to a sculpture of head scarves and knitted poncho around her hips, she wore far more layers than the half-naked Prince of Happy and looked no sadder for it.

Not that this lady is in competition with anyone. And with a regal air cut by an easy smile and slightly mad twinkle, she conducted her own eccentric soul-funk universe with a single finger. The elegantly raised digit called every other tune on her syntho-pad gizmo and commanded her hair-trigger band of seven to stop/start on a proverbial dime. Read more.
If any of Badu fans, who attended concert in Melbourne on April 15, have photos from that event, please share :). We would be more than grateful! 

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Mixed by DJA1, The Cannabinoids’ mix for SSENSE starts off with a rhythmic House Remix of Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone,” then intersperses remixes from Kaytranada, a lounge cover of Neil Young's “Harvest Moon,” & A1’s take on Pharrell Williams’ “HAPPY.” The collective's Jam sessions provide a seamless finish.

Win You + 1 for Badu After Party (Sydney)
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Win the 7 Pairs of VIP Meet & Greet in Sydney
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DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown Set (Auckland, NZ)
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Check out a great video of a little part from DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown performance at the Official Erykah Badu After Party in Auckland, NZ.

The Civic, Auckland Concert (photos, videos & review)
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Check out photos and videos from Erykah's last night performance in Auckland, New Zealand. Here you can read concert review by The New Zealand Herald. Credit for the photos goes to: merri_kwan.


Plus two videos showing Erykah and her crazy dance moves and amazing Durand Bernarr and his solo part. 

#electronicBushman Xhosa tutorial
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That's hilarious :)


Essence Magazine 2014 (more pictures)
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Check out few more amazing pictures from Erykah's article in the Essence magazine. Credit goes to Divalocity


Erykah Badu performs DJ set in Joburg
CommentPosted by Susan on 06-04-2014 JOHANNESBURG – Hip-hop singer Erykah Badu delighted fans in a rare appearance on Friday night at Sandton’s Taboo night club.

The 43-year-old’s one night only performance treated a packed audience of around 600 fans to her DJ skills accompanied by her neo-soul signature voice.

Badu, who’s also known as the queen of neo-soul, @fatbellybella, and Badoula Oblongata, manned the decks as the high profile performer of the evening.

Badu, who’s DJ name is Low Down Loretta Brown, wished the audience “peace and light” at around 1:00 am as she began the set, saying “I’m so glad to be home” before she dropped the first beat.

Click here to see more videos. 


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