We got them beats .... Get at us.
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ADD52 Celebrates Russell Simmons And Steve Rifkind, Brings Out Erykah Badu, 2 Chainz, Trinidad James And More
CommentPosted by Susan on 21-11-2014

allhiphop.com: Legendary music moguls Russell Simmons and Steve Rifkind hosted a super exclusive event celebrating their music platform ADD52 in partnership with Samsung and Milk Music.
The night kicked off with a set DJ’ed by the one and only Erykah Badu, who played a blend of R&B and funk to keep things lively. Shortly after her set, ADD52 presented NYC-bred Alus, who’s strong vocals and cute appearance made an impression with the crowd. She was followed by up-and coming MC RJ, who performed his newest single “How You Feel,” produced by DJ Mustard. The showcased closed with internet sensation, Niykee Heaton, who performed her hit single “Bad Intentions.”
The night capped with special performances by Marsha Ambrosius, Melanie Fiona, Too Short, and Erykah Badu . who ended the night with a special extended rendition of her hit “Bag Lady.”
Key guests in attendance included top music executives such as Scooter Braun and Randy Phillips; and top talent including 2 Chainz, Trinidad James, Too Short, and more. 


When it comes to "Art"
CommentPosted by Susan on 17-11-2014

When it comes to "Art", 
Everyone is definitely entitled to his own opinion. Opinion without a surface understanding is fruitless, however. 
Here's my fruitless opinion:
There are many layers to this thing, "ART".You can peel back one or you can peel back many. 
Some chose only one. Sometimes it is easier to resort to the 'familiar' than it is to HAVE to think. 
I mean, Who really wants to be challenged all the time ? Lol
Hell, sometimes we don't want to HAVE to think. Perhaps we want to just be stimulated and enjoy...
I get it. So, Tho some of the things I express are quite simple, 
a great majority of my work is enjoyed by the 'THINKER', I believe. 
I would never ask if you 'like' it.
I am more concerned about how it makes you FEEL and what it inspires you to DO.
Quietly, I fear a world where the artist would have to explain every color and shape of a piece to the viewer.. Or a comic would have to 'teach' his punch line.
What does it all 'mean'? 
I guess, The wonderful thing about symbology in art is that you don't have to understand it nor like it. And if you don't like it, you don't have to remain silent about it. 
One can protest or recreate it or simply be inspired to create an original piece.
It's art. It's free. And once it's put into the world, it no longer belongs to the artist. 
Consequently, sometimes the artist's object is to create DIALOGUE. 
The challenge of the artist is to honestly reflect his/her thoughts onto the work itself . 
I accept this challenge.
This statement is formless ness. 
But Hey .. It's art. Like it or not. :)


Detroit concert - 27th Dec, 2014
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Erykah surprised over the popularity of her latest video
CommentPosted by Susan on 15-11-2014

Erykah Badu’s surprised that Colbie Caillat cover starring her daughters went viral. She shouldn’t be

By Robert Wilonsky

No doubt you’ve heard Colbie Caillat’s “Try,” even if you didn’t want to; for a while this summer it was as inescapable as air. It’s also been covered by just about anyone who’s ever posted a cover to YouTube. But none is more popular than today’s offering featuring The Lady of White Rock Lake, Erykah Badu, and her daughters Puma and Mars.

Badu actually posted it to her Facebook page last night with the briefest of notes: “Do you like you?” Since then it’s been shared more than 65,000 times — which caught Badu completely off-guard. After all, as she notes, she’s been posting family snapshots to Vine for a long, long while. But until today, nothing caught fire like that short video of three women singing a song about not trying to be someone else.
“I am kind of surprised,” Badu says. “It also confirmed to me that’s my lane. That kind of message rides on a larger platform than me. I was very pleased to see so many people responding to it as opposed to some of the other stuff we gravitate towards these days. It was confirmed that I match well with positive things. No matter what I am supposed to say, when it’s something positive and youthful the chemical connection is right.”
Badu and the girls recorded the song Monday night — at bedtime, of course. It was originally going to be a gift for Badu’s mother, whose birthday is today. On a whim she posted it to her Facebook page.
“We post so many of those things, but I didn’t think about it till people started calling me saying it was cute,” she says. Caillat even responded via Twitter: “Love you E. and your beautiful girls.”
That song, says Badu, “is the kind of thing I want my girls to know and trust. And it going viral helped confirm that’s the right message. The message, the melody, her voice — everything. We love it. I told the girls everyone loved it. And it confirmed to them this kind of attitude catches on. People love stuff like that. You don’t have to fit in with everything and everyone.” I suggest that perhaps the trio might want to record a complete version. “I’ll work on that,” says Badu.
She’s also working on that new album. But there is no timeline, no deadline, no rush.
“I don’t know if people know, but I am a mommy first,” she says. “In ’97 the next record didn’t come out till 2000 because I had a son who needed me at that time. I live in between those [albums]. I am downloading life, and then I have something to write about. They come first. This is what I do. What you just saw on Facebook is my life.”

Happy Birthday to Kolleen Wright
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Happy Born Day 
Mother QUEEN.
I am of your design. 
I believe in myself because of your words . 
So uh ... Abracadabra. 
See, Kolleen is a bad mamma jamma and the reason I still reluctantly accept the title 
QUEEN ...of anything. 
I am still in training.
You are amazing.
We love you. 
I love you ma.


"Do you like you? :-)"
CommentPosted by Susan on 12-11-2014

Erykah Badu & Chance The Rapper Guest Star On Adult Swim's 'Black Dynamite'
CommentPosted by Susan on 11-11-2014

Chance the Rapper plays the part of Bob Marley and Erykah Badu voices Rita Marley in the latest episode of Adult Swim's "Black Dynamite."

With plans to release a new project called Surf before the end of the year, Chance the Rapper appeared alongside Erykah Badu as a guest on a new episode of Adult Swim’s animated comedy Black Dynamite.
Chance voiced a Bob Marley cameo while Badu played the part of Rita Marley as well as a prostitute in an episode titled “How Honeybee Got Her Groove Back.”

Lavazza Marquee on Melbourne Cup Day (photos&video)
CommentPosted by Susan on 05-11-2014

Erykah performs in the Lavazza Marquee on Melbourne Cup Day at Flemington Racecourse on November 4, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.


Erykah performing "Window Seat"

Twitter photos update
CommentPosted by Susan on 31-10-2014

I haven't updated Erykah's Twitter photos for a few months, so here it is (more photos in the gallery). Enjoy! Remember to visit manuela maria mexico's profile on Vine to see Erykah's video posts. 


Trap Bag Lady collection
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New Fans' contributions *UPDATE*
CommentPosted by Susan on 29-10-2014

Check out a great fan art by Mai Nishiura; 

colellection of Badu albums by J and Jordan;


and amazing tattoos of Badu and Badu lyrics by Kevin, dDub and Sam Sparro.


If you have anything of that kind to share, please don't hesitate!

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