Are you Erykah Badu?
No, I'm not! Please, do not send me any e-mails that are not connected with the site. I will not forward these e-mails to Erykah.

Do you know Erykah Badu?
Yes, I do. I have met her three times after her three concerts in Poland, where I live.

Does Erykah Badu know about
Yes, she does. She also contributes to the site by submitting photos, media files, etc. She says she loves it. Yay! :-)

How can I meet Erykah?
I cannot arrange a meeting for you but you may try to attend meet and greet after any of her concerts. She really loves her fans, so I do not think that catching her after a show would be a huge problem.

When Erykah is going to be in my town/city/country?
If I knew I would post it in the news section. Try to follow the site and her MySpace and Facebook to know where she is going next.

Where does Erykah Badu live?
She lives in Dallas, Texas but she also has an apartment in New York. Home address? Sorry, we do not like stalkers!

Are you working for Erykah Badu?
No, but I feel like I do, lol. It is a pure pleasure for me to run this fansite. I am a huge fan, who became a good friend. I am doing this, because I love Erykah and her music, not because of any financial issues.

Is this the official Erykah Badu site?
It is the official Erykah Badu fansite. It's quite different.

Can you send me mp3 or video file?
Sorry, but no. I get too many requests like this and simply I do not have time to do that.

Can I help you running the fansite?

Sure, you can contribute to the site by sending photos, stories, fan arts and anything related to Badu. I do not need a co-webmaster, though.

How tall is Erykah?
She is 5' (1.52 m).

Is Erykah a nice person?
She is the kindest person in the world! She has achieved so much but still is the most lovely person on earth!