How To Prepare For Your Bands First Tour!

How To Prepare For Your Bands First Tour!

Managing to rise the entertainment ladder as a performing artist is a long journey towards becoming a celebrity. It all becomes realistic when you and your band secure your gig. Your first performance will be an opportunity to prove your musical talent, connect with fans, and experience the thrill of performing in front of a massive audience away from home.

As much as your band’s first tour may sound exciting, you cannot afford to make a mistake. Hence, it is imperative to make preparations through careful planning and organization to ensure everything goes smoothly. Follow this guide to learn what you must do to prepare for your band’s first tour.

Initial Planning for the Tour

As you begin planning your tour, you must set achievable goals, choose the best venues for the performance, and set the most rewarding dates. Hence, when booking gigs, defining what you want to achieve from your maiden tour is important. It could be that you want to gain more exposure and popularity in new places or promote your new song or album. That will help you make informed decisions for the other preparation processes.

Secondly, you need to find a venue that will enable you actualize your goals. Therefore, carefully select the venues to perform at in terms of location and size. If not sure, settle on venues known to host Look bands that perform the same music as yours and have good turnouts.

Finally, when planning, set dates that will attract huge turnouts without requiring fans to travel long distances. Take the performance to the audience’s home grounds. However, you need to consider the distance between one venue and the other for comfortable travel arrangements to prevent exhaustion.

Book and Confirm Venues

After successful and careful selection, reach out to venues well in advance through your official email with a brief introduction of your band. That will serve as a reminder in the future in case of any mishap. Include links to your most admired music and any past performance videos. Where the venue arranges your shows, be consistent in following up to make sure you are on the same page.

Alternatively, you can work with promoters to help you create book shows and attract an audience. While this may be an easy option, you may need to do thorough research on which local promoters to use depending on the cities you intend to perform at. Reliable promoters will give you valuable information and help you plan your tour.

Upon setting venues and dates, book them for the shows by fulfilling some or all of the agreed conditions and any specific requirements. Have everything between you and the venue manager in writing to avoid late misunderstandings.

Create a Budget

Your first tour for a concert can be expensive due to having fewer or no sponsors. So, it’s important to budget and manage your finances wisely. Have a cost outlay starting with the most basic ones, including transportation, accommodation, food, equipment, and promotional materials. Allow some room for adjustments as a result of unforeseen cost elements.

As you cost, find out how you expect to raise the funds. Depending on your circumstances, relationship with other stakeholders, and experience in the industry, there are different avenues for getting cash. These might include savings, the sale of tickets, sponsorships, or money from the last performances.

Noting that you may be very engaged with the venue preparations, you should assign a trusted and capable person to manage the tour funds and keep track of all expenses and income.

Keeping Healthy and Fit

Maintaining health and fitness is necessary for musicians preparing for a band tour, as the demanding performance can weigh you physically and mentally. Eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients, adequate sleep, and staying hydrated to support their vocal and overall body fitness.

Engage in regular exercises to keep your muscles in good shape and able to endure the long hours of performing. However, the kind of exercise should be mild to avoid injuries. One of the popular ways to exercise is taking a bike ride through fresh air terrain. Choose a comfortable, efficient and all-terrain bike that won’t wear you out, such as ebikes from Dirwin bike and other similar electric models, to save on body energy when you get tired. The advantage of cycling is that it provides you with a cardiovascular workout to boost your stamina and endurance during extended performances.

Additionally, exercising at the start of the tour and between practices for the shows is a good way to refresh your mind and relax as you explore the new cities. It offers a physical and mental break as you travel or wait for the grand performance.

Promotion and Marketing

After all the preparations, you need to make the show come alive by attracting a good audience. Market your tour through social media by creating pages and engaging with your followers regularly. Through your promoter, utilize the local entertainment media in the places you’re visiting, such as TV and radio stations. Make ticket offers for early birds and group bookings.

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