Master the Game: Top Cheats for Music Lovers in Video Game

Master the Game: Top Cheats for Music Lovers in Video Game

When discussing video game culture many people love to share factoids, especially about games that made their youths brighter or games that changed their lives for the better. Many of these factoids often involve cheats for a variety of games that belong to a generation of long-defunct consoles. Even then it’s interesting to revisit them especially since nowadays cheat codes are so rare. While many cheat codes involve invincibility and carnage let’s discuss some more musically themed codes today. Here is a short selection of some of the best video game cheat codes for music lovers out there. So, let’s dive into it and see some of the most beloved cheat codes both related to music and in music video games of the past few decades.

The first game on our list is one of the most beloved classic video games that was available on the Gameboy Advanced. We are of course talking about Donkey Kong country. This game was not only beloved for its innovative level design and variety of gameplay elements but also for its iconic soundtrack that to this day remains stuck in the heads of many gamers. It seems that game developers knew that their soundtrack would become a central part of this video game since they allowed gamers to access a secret level where they could listen to this music over and over. This cheat code to many people is known as the sound test menu code. To access the menu, you needed your Gameboy Advanced in hand on the starting menu. From there you would press and hold the select button Before entering the following sequence of inputs, B, A, L, L, A, and Down. From there you could access the sound player and play any song you wanted from the catalog of Donkey Kong Country soundtrack.

The following video game on our list is probably one of the most legendary music video games out there. We are of course talking about Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock. To understand how big Guitar Hero 3 used to be it’s important to put yourself back in the year of its release. Guitar Hero games used to be so big that most people owned a guitar controller, and it was parodied on television TV shows like South Park. Nowadays these technologies and games seem somewhat antiquated, but the reality is that they allowed to introduce many 70s and 80s music to younger generations. So, for people who loved music, these games were a given. This air guitar code would allow you to make your guitar disappear and essentially make your player character look like he was playing air guitar. One of the cool things about this cheat code is that if you look at it a bit deeper you might notice that it is made to sound like the riff from “Hit me with Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar. To enter it all you had to do was pick up your guitar controller and play the following notes, (the letters correspond to the color of the notes): Y/B+G/Y+R/B+R/B+R/Y+R/Y+Y/B+G/Y+G/Y+R/B+R/B+R/Y+R/Y+G/Y+G/Y+R/Y+R/Y

Last but not least we’re going to talk about the Wii music video game. For many people, this console was a very weird choice for Nintendo following the success of the GameCube, but the reality is that it was the perfect Console for parties and having fun. So, you can imagine that when a music team video game came out exclusively for this console many people were very happy to see it. Not only that but the fact that it included some Easter eggs to some of Nintendo’s most famous franchises was also a great thing. While many outfits including Mario’s required you to perform certain actions in the game others were simply locked behind a very simple cheat code that you could enter and then start playing screen. This meant that if you are a big fan of hip hop you could simply enter the following code to unlock a themed outfit matching your musical style. All you had to do was use the controller, you didn’t need the nunchuck for codes, and enter the following: B+Up and then simply press start. Voila! There were of course many other outfits available and ways to unlock instruments as well.

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